Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh hai.

HEY GUYS. So we made it to the 40's! Officially 49 days until we check in! Seems less longer than it is....

Haha it seems to be flying by though....kinda.

Anywhom, I've been having some mishaps with school....which caused them to 'academically' kick me out? I appealed and i won't hear back until AUGUST 4th. Two days before I leave for Orlando. Which is GREAT. >_> Basically I won't know if I'll be able to go back to school in the Spring until two days before I leave NY. Awesome. I mean, since I'll be away for the semester all I have to do is reapply in the December, granted these two summer classes bring my GPA up to where my school wants it... which it should.

If not, I'm effed and might have to take a class or two at a community college before going back.

I was really scared about this affecting the CP, but then I realized, well Jazmine reminded me, you don't have to be in school to do it, just to apply! I had completely forgot!!!! Which makes me feel a ton better about the situation.

I wasn't planning on telling my mother either, then she found out...that wasn't pretty but it's OK now.

So that's all really that's been going on. Life is pretty busy. Fallon's going on haitus next week, so I'll have some extra time on my hands on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two weeks. :) I put in for extra hours at work, but we just got all these new employee's so that might not happen. They cut one of my days already, which was only a half day and I'm pretty pissed about. But that's work I guess.

I want to start planning my going away party/dinner as well. I think I'll have a dinner where I'll invite some people, then go to a bar or something and invite everyone else. Idk. We'll see. I need to do it soon cause I would love it to be the middle/end of July. I end school on July 13th, ty last day of Fallon is the 3rd of August, and I haven't figured out when my last day of work is going to be. Maybe the 4th? Haha I need to work up to the last possible minute and get all the money I can with my nice pay rate before the intense florida paycut. it's seriously like $3.50 less. Ridic. I guess the cost of living out there is lower and I won't have to buy a $30 metrocard every week either. (Can't wait to NOT have to take the train every damn day. I'm used to crappy public transportation, so the busses are nothing new to me to get used to haha. I bet it's cleaner than the nyc subway and won't have bums on them).

This is a really long post guys, haha. Sorry. Guess I had more to talk about than I thought I did. Oh and I forgot to call to differ jury duty, but I can't anyway cause it has to be two months from the date. Two months from now I won't be in NYC. So I guess i'll just call on Friday and see if they need me, if they do i'll just go. Whatever. I have off. If they need me for Monday then i'll have to tell my teachers.

This is probably really boring for all of you and I apologize lmfao -end Lauren rant blog here-


Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey guys. So I've had some time today and I've been watching some Disney Vlogs at the library. I feel i've been pretty behind in my vloggage, so here's something to make up for that.


1. Adam Mathias:MathiasChronicles
Okay, I love this guys vlogs. The way they are made is awesome, his personality and just overall everything is fun! I recommend the intro vlog because it's awesome. Mad editing skills I wish I had.

2. Keri Ramnarace: KeriWDWCP
This guy is super awesome. His last vlog gave a shoutout to a few vloggers and I was one of them. SO THANKS! AND I'M RETURNING THE FAVOR! I think I'm going to do a vlog version of this post as well...

3. Scott: Scott'sDisneyVlog
His videos have a lot of information about check in and such! Especially the last few! Check it out!

4. Derek: Avsfan3721
Derek has been in Disney since....spring I think. But he has got a lot of cool vlogs about being down there and some advice and things to do and check out!! Also really interesting.

5. Blaine: DisneyMagicMan
So I definitely recommend to check out his guys vlogs. Not only are they entertaining, but he's got some awesome ride throughs and docus uploaded as well. Watch the Haunted Mansion one. Amazingggg.

So that's it for today! I should really be reading for class! Oh well!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

57, Muppet Pipes, How I'm not funny.

So we're on day 57 till August 9th. 54 days till I arrive in good ole' Orlando!

We're hitting the home stretch. Less than 2 months to go! We can do it guys! I know it's tough seeing all the fall advantage kids arriving, last day of FA arrival is tomorrow I believe. Most of my D-Fam is in Orlando as we speak! Luckyyyy.

Anyway, still in school for another month and working and doing my internship. These posts seem to be exactly the same most of the time lmfao. Ah well. Sorry I'm extremely uninteresting right now. (Frankly, I should be doing homework, but I'm watching Last Comic Standing, wishing I was funny enough to be a stand up comedian. A-ha.)

Uhh. In Disney-ish news, at my job(the NBC store) we added a new part to the NBC Studio Tour (In which I sell tickets to). It's called the Muppet Closet!

Basically, it's a pipe closet that Jim Henson and his crew painted and decorated every time he was on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar. It was never taken out, but was planned on being. It used to be part of Max Weinburg's dressing room when he was the house band on Conan. So they tore the dressing room down, put some glass over the pipes and BOOM! Studio tour stop. It's a really awesome part of NBC history, and if you know me you know I love entertainment history. Not real history though... I can't seem to stay awake during my American History class in the morning. But if it was about the muppet closet or the making of disneyland I would be wide awake. Funny.

Here's some photos:

okay one photo. It's bigger than that, but there's one portion.

Kay I'm done! I want to do another vlog, buttt I don't know what to do it about! Let me know!!! COMMENT! PLZ.

Us August-ers need to stick together and keep each other amused!!!!



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

68 days.

Hey ya'll....

So here's an update. We've got like 68 days left, which honestly scares the crapola outta me. 70 days? far. 80? Really far. 68?!!??! Damn close.

I just started summer classes yesterday. I was taking one in the morning and one at night, but I decided to change the one at night because it was terrible, and I ended up exhausted from waking up at 5:30am and getting home at 10pm everyday. Good decision, I think. I worked 6 days this week with 2 days of time and a half.... I think I'm going to pay off one whole credit card with my next paycheck.

I'm really boring, and for this I apologize.

I've been looking up anything and everything concerning Harry Potter lately. I love that I'm getting back into the HP groove. I blame InsideTheMagic's awesome WWOHP reports and videos. I'm getting more psyched for it, and the 7th movie(s)!!!

I might start re-reading DH again. Who knows!

Roommate matching for us August 9thers was yesterday! Finally! I now, officially am roommates with the one and only, Cori Caskey. Awesome.

I wish I was seeing Conan O'Brien at Radio City tonight. :(

That's all really in the "my life news" section. I'm going to go back and be really lame and HP nerdy now.


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