Thursday, December 16, 2010

All subpar things must come to an end.

So, i know i hardly update, but honestly its difficult to here. You get so wrapped up in work and trying to do everything you wanted to do all in one weekend. We have got about three weeks left here, 20 something days, and i have to say i am sad. I will miss my roommates terribly. My job can go fuck itself honestly, and everyone there. I think if i were to do this program again, i would want to make sure i was somewhere i'd enjoy. Maybe merchandise or vacation planner. Attractions isnt all its cracked up to be, thats for sure. Especially the great movie ride. Its not as great as everyone says it is. The people are stuck up, the work is too much to be making minimum wage and the hours are long. If i really enjoyed where i worked, i would have gotten a lot more out of this program. Oh well, too late now.

Again, my roommates kept me sane through this whole thing. If i didnt have them, i would probably have left by now. so thank you Cori Caskey and Katharine Perry. I love you guys. A lot.
Also, the people who i met before going down and kept in touch with. Molly Brennan, Molly F, Kris, Danica, Laura etc. You all are awesome.

I will also miss being in Disney World all the time because it can truly be a magical place. I have had quite a few completely magical days here. Its just amazing. And i look forward to vacationing here from years to come.

I think im ready to finish real life now. Go back to school, finish it, find a real job. Before i left i was so frustrated with new york and everything in it, but now ive learned to appreciate it. The first thing im doing is getting my license. Its something i need to do. Also, its necessary to drive to virginia and baltimore to visit cori and kat!

Will this be my last post here? Prolly not. I might come back to relive memories every once in awhile. Will i do another program? Depends on where my life takes me. For now all i can say is we will see.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life... here.

Let's be frank here, because I'm willing to be.

This whole experience is... great. But, you have to know it's not going to be exactly how you expect it to be. You may hate your job, the people you work with may suck or not want to bother with you, your roommates may not get along, your hours are long and your pay sucks. It's more a learning experience. It's not fun sometimes, and it's truly exhausting.

Yes, you can go to the parks when you want, and that's all great. But, after you've done it all, it's hard finding new things to do.

I'm not saying that I'm unhappy, because I'm not. I am enjoying myself. But it's not what I expected... actually, it is, but it just turned out differently.

Maybe it's because people here are a lot more judgmental then I thought they'd be. Or that it's really hard getting around without a car.

I can't wait to visit home in two weeks. Then two more months to go.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm officially assessed at The Great Movie Ride! I passed my assessment yesterday and went into my first rotation today! It went really well actually! :)

I put my handprint on the wall, here:

Working 50 hours this week, so I'm exhausted. Waiting for my friend Kris to pick up my roommate and I to go to Walmart.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Ready when you are, C.B!

Started training today.....

A lot of info, but so much fun! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hey guys!!!!

So yesterday I went to MK rope drop with Molly and Jazmine! Then we got on basically all of the good rides, for some reason it wasn't that busy! We did get stuck on Splash for 20 minutes.... hahaha. We had lunch at Pecos Bill's, then met up with Cori after work to go to property control and cast connection, where she proceeded to buy a ten pound bag of pasta for $6. And I got a Minnie Mouse blanket for the same price!!

The day before I went with my roommate Katharine to Hollywood Studios! We went on almost everything there too, including GMR twice....because...


Yayyyy! I start training tomorrow, and my hours this week aren't too bad. Except that I have to be in at 6:45am tomorrow....

But then NEXT week, I have like three 12 hour days. Not so awesome.

I had On With The Show on Thursday, which was cool. Kris and Elyse had it with me, so I knew two people at least haha. Kris is working merchandise on sunset and Elyse is attractions at Toy Story Midway Mania! We did a bunch of e-learning, which was boring.

I really do love DHS and I'm so glad I'm working at that park. MK is great, but just everything about DHS is amazing and I love it!!! Plus, there's a Subway in the cafeteria, awesome.

I'm doing laundry today, then probably going to visit my friend Molly over in Patterson, haven't seen what a Patterson apartment looks like yet!

One suggestion for all of you guys coming down, LEARN MILITARY TIME! I suck at it, and had to change my phone to it so I could start getting better. You'll need it!

I'm working on a video compilation thing from the past week, so look out for that!

Annnddd yeah! Bye guys!


p.s: new vloggg

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Short blog about the past few days.

Hey guys! So this is going to be short, but my roommate, Cori, will be doing a more extensive overview of the past few days(check-in, move-in, casting, etc) on her blog HERE! So watch out for that, it's gonna be a LOT better than mine....and have photos...

I will be posting a video soon, just a mash up of these few days. Nothing really 'vlog' like until after traditions probably. Then I'll do an apartment tour and such. I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday OFF, so i'll have time hahaha. In between going to the parks of course!

Anywho, Cori and I moved in with our two roommates, Katharine and Sara, yesterday! Two bedroom apartment in Chatham Square! We're happy with it! We unpacked everything yesterday, and went over to Walmart, then to Publix today for food. Probably going back to Walmart sometime today for some more things.
Everything went really smoothly yesterday, got to check-in at like 7:15. Apparently people got there at like 6am this season..... ridiculous. But we got through fast, got our apartment and keys ad such and got right on the bus to casting from there. Casting didn't take as long as we thought it would! I found out I will be in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Icon Attractions! I have my park orientation on Thursday, but I don't start training until next week for whatever attraction I'm on. (I actually know already thanks to a friend of mine who works in HS, but I won't tell you guys yet ;))

So we've just been chilling around here and getting stuff for our place.

OH! And I signed up for the Disney Heritage Exploration Series class! It starts in October and goes till December, one day a week for two hours. So it doesn't seem too bad, and it definitely looks interesting!

Trying to think if there is anything else to tell you guys..... don't think so!

So look for a vlog soon! :)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guess who's in Orlando?


I got here yesterday and ever since then it's been nuts! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN CHECKED IN YET! Met a few really awesome people from my d-fam, some other awesome people. AND MY ROOMMATE COMES TOMORROW!!! :D

I've been at universal allll day, which was exhausting, and going back tomorrow. Then fun at DTD with a bunch of people, then CHECK IN ON MONDAYYYY!!! :D

Yayyy!! Can't wait.



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looks like we made it

So guys, here we are. I leave for Orlando, Florida tomorrow. NYC will be without it's #1 NBC Experience Store Sales Associate, Hunter College Student and Insane Intern for 5 months. It's all bittersweet, but I know I'm going to have the time of my life.

As my friend Jason puts it, I'm going to "Grow up in Disney World."

I had dinner with a few of my best friends last night, teared up once, and had an amazing time.

But now it's time for a new journey, and it's going to be a blast.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Classes at Disney?

So, I've made a decision about these classes we can take as CPers.

My number one choice is the Entertainment Production class in the Professional Development Series. It seems like a pretty awesome learning experience, especially in my field.

My second is the Disney Heritage Exploration Series class. Obviously I love Disney history, so this class looks really cool. -nerdage-

With 5 days till check-in and two till I leave, these kinds of decisions need to be made... hahaha

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Friday, July 23, 2010


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh hai there.

So, about this renters insurance thing. Someone on the FB group said they called, and the person on the phone told them it was "strongly recommended." Then, someone else said they e-mailed and got a response stating that it WAS required. I don't know what the deal is, but being honest, I don't want it. I don't want to have to pay ANOTHER fee that I'm not going to need. Especially because most of the time these things need to be for 7+ months.... not 5. That's a waste.
EDIT: Just found out it IS required. I can't afford that crap. I may need to do some e-mailing for myself now.

That out of the way, I attempted to do something that resembles packing today.... here's a photo:

Yeah, that's a VERY empty suitcase behind me.

And a messy floor
. Whatever. Fail.

I've been getting the leaving jitters. Especially at work. It's so bittersweet because I love my friends at work and most of the people I work with, and my job isn't too bad either. I'll be back there in January, but it most likely won't be the same because of the amount of people leaving. Ah well. Life goes on.

Things I'm excited for that are coming up:
-Movie night in Bryant Park! They're showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail!! One of my faves. A bunch of us are going and it'll be fun! Wine and good films!
-My going away dinner and party. The 30th. I'm probably going to cry.... a lot.
-August 6th, the day I leave. Also, the 7th and 8th when I'll finally be at THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER. -fangirl moment-
-August 9th, check-in at Vista Way, obviously.

Things I'm not-so excited for:
-August 3rd, my last day at Fallon. It's been cool there. Sometimes I dislike it, but overall I love the atmosphere. :(
-August 4th, my last day at NBC. :( I will be shedding lots of tears here as well. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it and that pit in the bottom of my stomach. I think mostly for the people and cutting my NBC Universal ties, officially. I know I'll be back, and I'll always love this company for some strange reason, but it's just sad.

P.S: I know this is terrible, but I think I'm going to miss my job and friends more than home. I love my family, but time away will be....good.

My best friend wrote me this note the other day:


Going to Outback for dinner! Mmmm sweet potato and steak.

...with A1 sauce...

a lot of it.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I MAY know where I'll be working for the next 5 months.....

It MAY certainly be Hollywood Studios icon attractions....


Here's a vlog about packing:

Thursday, July 1, 2010



Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh hai.

HEY GUYS. So we made it to the 40's! Officially 49 days until we check in! Seems less longer than it is....

Haha it seems to be flying by though....kinda.

Anywhom, I've been having some mishaps with school....which caused them to 'academically' kick me out? I appealed and i won't hear back until AUGUST 4th. Two days before I leave for Orlando. Which is GREAT. >_> Basically I won't know if I'll be able to go back to school in the Spring until two days before I leave NY. Awesome. I mean, since I'll be away for the semester all I have to do is reapply in the December, granted these two summer classes bring my GPA up to where my school wants it... which it should.

If not, I'm effed and might have to take a class or two at a community college before going back.

I was really scared about this affecting the CP, but then I realized, well Jazmine reminded me, you don't have to be in school to do it, just to apply! I had completely forgot!!!! Which makes me feel a ton better about the situation.

I wasn't planning on telling my mother either, then she found out...that wasn't pretty but it's OK now.

So that's all really that's been going on. Life is pretty busy. Fallon's going on haitus next week, so I'll have some extra time on my hands on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two weeks. :) I put in for extra hours at work, but we just got all these new employee's so that might not happen. They cut one of my days already, which was only a half day and I'm pretty pissed about. But that's work I guess.

I want to start planning my going away party/dinner as well. I think I'll have a dinner where I'll invite some people, then go to a bar or something and invite everyone else. Idk. We'll see. I need to do it soon cause I would love it to be the middle/end of July. I end school on July 13th, ty last day of Fallon is the 3rd of August, and I haven't figured out when my last day of work is going to be. Maybe the 4th? Haha I need to work up to the last possible minute and get all the money I can with my nice pay rate before the intense florida paycut. it's seriously like $3.50 less. Ridic. I guess the cost of living out there is lower and I won't have to buy a $30 metrocard every week either. (Can't wait to NOT have to take the train every damn day. I'm used to crappy public transportation, so the busses are nothing new to me to get used to haha. I bet it's cleaner than the nyc subway and won't have bums on them).

This is a really long post guys, haha. Sorry. Guess I had more to talk about than I thought I did. Oh and I forgot to call to differ jury duty, but I can't anyway cause it has to be two months from the date. Two months from now I won't be in NYC. So I guess i'll just call on Friday and see if they need me, if they do i'll just go. Whatever. I have off. If they need me for Monday then i'll have to tell my teachers.

This is probably really boring for all of you and I apologize lmfao -end Lauren rant blog here-


Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey guys. So I've had some time today and I've been watching some Disney Vlogs at the library. I feel i've been pretty behind in my vloggage, so here's something to make up for that.


1. Adam Mathias:MathiasChronicles
Okay, I love this guys vlogs. The way they are made is awesome, his personality and just overall everything is fun! I recommend the intro vlog because it's awesome. Mad editing skills I wish I had.

2. Keri Ramnarace: KeriWDWCP
This guy is super awesome. His last vlog gave a shoutout to a few vloggers and I was one of them. SO THANKS! AND I'M RETURNING THE FAVOR! I think I'm going to do a vlog version of this post as well...

3. Scott: Scott'sDisneyVlog
His videos have a lot of information about check in and such! Especially the last few! Check it out!

4. Derek: Avsfan3721
Derek has been in Disney since....spring I think. But he has got a lot of cool vlogs about being down there and some advice and things to do and check out!! Also really interesting.

5. Blaine: DisneyMagicMan
So I definitely recommend to check out his guys vlogs. Not only are they entertaining, but he's got some awesome ride throughs and docus uploaded as well. Watch the Haunted Mansion one. Amazingggg.

So that's it for today! I should really be reading for class! Oh well!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

57, Muppet Pipes, How I'm not funny.

So we're on day 57 till August 9th. 54 days till I arrive in good ole' Orlando!

We're hitting the home stretch. Less than 2 months to go! We can do it guys! I know it's tough seeing all the fall advantage kids arriving, last day of FA arrival is tomorrow I believe. Most of my D-Fam is in Orlando as we speak! Luckyyyy.

Anyway, still in school for another month and working and doing my internship. These posts seem to be exactly the same most of the time lmfao. Ah well. Sorry I'm extremely uninteresting right now. (Frankly, I should be doing homework, but I'm watching Last Comic Standing, wishing I was funny enough to be a stand up comedian. A-ha.)

Uhh. In Disney-ish news, at my job(the NBC store) we added a new part to the NBC Studio Tour (In which I sell tickets to). It's called the Muppet Closet!

Basically, it's a pipe closet that Jim Henson and his crew painted and decorated every time he was on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar. It was never taken out, but was planned on being. It used to be part of Max Weinburg's dressing room when he was the house band on Conan. So they tore the dressing room down, put some glass over the pipes and BOOM! Studio tour stop. It's a really awesome part of NBC history, and if you know me you know I love entertainment history. Not real history though... I can't seem to stay awake during my American History class in the morning. But if it was about the muppet closet or the making of disneyland I would be wide awake. Funny.

Here's some photos:

okay one photo. It's bigger than that, but there's one portion.

Kay I'm done! I want to do another vlog, buttt I don't know what to do it about! Let me know!!! COMMENT! PLZ.

Us August-ers need to stick together and keep each other amused!!!!



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

68 days.

Hey ya'll....

So here's an update. We've got like 68 days left, which honestly scares the crapola outta me. 70 days? far. 80? Really far. 68?!!??! Damn close.

I just started summer classes yesterday. I was taking one in the morning and one at night, but I decided to change the one at night because it was terrible, and I ended up exhausted from waking up at 5:30am and getting home at 10pm everyday. Good decision, I think. I worked 6 days this week with 2 days of time and a half.... I think I'm going to pay off one whole credit card with my next paycheck.

I'm really boring, and for this I apologize.

I've been looking up anything and everything concerning Harry Potter lately. I love that I'm getting back into the HP groove. I blame InsideTheMagic's awesome WWOHP reports and videos. I'm getting more psyched for it, and the 7th movie(s)!!!

I might start re-reading DH again. Who knows!

Roommate matching for us August 9thers was yesterday! Finally! I now, officially am roommates with the one and only, Cori Caskey. Awesome.

I wish I was seeing Conan O'Brien at Radio City tonight. :(

That's all really in the "my life news" section. I'm going to go back and be really lame and HP nerdy now.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Official Start of Fall 2010 CP Season.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So I started my internship today!!! It's awesome I love it! :DDD

This also means THAT MUCH CLOSER TO DISNEY!!!!! 89 days according to my facebook, and the one I will use because my other countdown says 90! Aha! Take that.

Omg Jessie's Girl on Glee. Love it!!!

Anyway, another vlog soon! Maybe this week!!! Check out my 5 things about me vlog in the post below, and if you haven't done a 5 things vlog/blog, DEW ONE! :)


Monday, May 3, 2010


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vlog! Things I wanna do!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've been looking through the Disney are a few items on my wishlist before August:

annnddd a D23 membership plz.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

20,000 leagues: extinct attractions!

Mostly Unknown Youtuber of The Week!

Hey guys, so in addition to my new Extinct Attractions vlog that is CURRENTLY UPLOADING, I decided to do a entry every week on here with my "mostly-unknown" disney youtuber of the week!!

Today, it's Mitcharp! I love his vlogs! They're short snippets of life at Disney, and I think they are adorable and amazing! Here's one about classes/lectures you can sign up for at Disney!

So check his channel out! Worth it!

-Lauren <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

123 Days!

So, I know I said I would be vlogging during spring break...but I went on an impromptu trip to Boston for two days and was working the rest! I have off on Tuesdays now, so NEXT TUESDAY I'M GOING TO VLOG. I PROMISE. If I don't, you guys really mean?

No don't be mean. :( Figure something out. Maybe a punishment a la John Henselmeier.

Anywhom, Disney related things! I joined the Disney Pen Pals group which is a cute idea stared by Julie and Becky! <3 Here's the link to the fb group: DCP Pen Pals!

Check it out! The deadline has passed, buttttt i'm a fool and joined after that.

There are about a million new groups brewing everyday for the DCP 2010....I think i've joined 80% of them based on invite. Uh, do a facebook search and find them too!

Oh, I don't think I posted this here yet....

I got an internship at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the summer!!!!!! :D

So basically I'll be there from May to the beginning of August, then Disney!

Plus working, and taking a class or 2, I'm going to be a busy bee this summer...and spending a majority of my time in 30 Rock. Ah well. This was my dream!

Okay guys, I'm in class and probably should be taking notes...... I'm starvin' marvin' cause the damn cafeteria line was WAY too long and I couldn't be late for class. Ah well, i'll get breakfast after.

Bye everyone!

Btw, I don't think many people know I have a formspring: check it!

-Lauren <3

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Consider it BOOKED.

Hey guys! I had an awesome day today. Today was the last beautiful day in NYC for probably like 2 months. It was gorgeous out! After work I met up with a friend we went to central park, sat around and had some wine, then had some chinese food. Overall great day. :)

Anyway, so the point of this post was to say that my mom booked our plane tickets and hotel for August! I will be in Orlando on August 6th, then going to Universal on the 7th and 8th, and finally checking in on the 9th! I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree across from Vista Way, we won't have a car down there so I figured this was the easiest way!

I can't wait!!

I also met my roommie, Cori! She came into the city with her boyfriend for his birthday and took a studio tour at my store! :) It was awesome! Yayyyyy!!!!!
-insert photo when I get it!-

That just made me even more anxious for August!

Anndd that's all! This is the last week before spring break, thank the heavens! I need a few days make some vlogs! ;D


-Lauren <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

100 subscribers!

Hey guys! I reached my 100th subscriber on youtube today, and I just wanted to thank you all you do subscribe to my youtube, and here (I've got 52 followers here! Not too shabby for a hardly used blog!)!!! I think you guys are awesome and I appreciate every single one of you who watch my vlogs and read these!!! :DDDDD Seriously though, I do.

I promise to get some new things up once my spring break starts, not next week but the week after.

I just can't wait till August so I can get to Florida and start the adventure of a lifetime, and see you all there! :)

Have a magical evening, and thanks again! :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Monday, March 15, 2010


So thanks everyone for replying to my last post! (If you haven't yet, check it out and vote for me! :])

I just wanted to give you guys some of my favorite websites that include old attractions and lands.

Walt Dated World: Lots of cool info on the parks.

Yesterland: Mostly Disneyland stuff, but a substantial amount of things on WDW as well!

Widen Your World: Another good one about WDW.

Mousetalgia: A cool podcast!



Monday, March 8, 2010

I-I Bring The Fire

So since the last extinct disney vlog was a huge success, I need some help from you guys! I need to know which attraction you want to hear about next! SO VOTE IN THE COMMENTS BEELLOOOWW!!

A) 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: note, I have an awesome website with a bunch of info on this one.
B) Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in WDW. And what's left behind from it.
C) Discovery Island

There is also a mine train ride that used to be in DL that I have some interesting info about.

So what you should do is maybe do a top list? So your FIRST choice put on the top, then so on.

Annddd yeah! :) Thanks guys!


P.S: I have a formspring that I want more questions on!!! :(

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Extinct Disney?

Let me know what you think!! If it's interesting i'll make more detailed ones! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Purple Folder, and inside look!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Applications, The CP website, Jobs

Hey guys. So I've got a huge break in classes and I decided to write a blog about College Program related stuff!!

I know you've probably already gotten a lot of this info from other blogs, but here it is again!

So i'm going to talk about the application/acceptance process again, because it seems like a lot of people have questions about this.

You apply, you have your phone interview. Bam, done. Then eventually you WILL get a thank you for interviewing email. It says you should receive a response 4-6 weeks after your INTERVIEW. Not after the thank you email!

Some other things:

-Recently the system has been messing up, I'm guessing because this is the first year everyone is hearing by email first, then purple folder. So don't be discouraged if you hear nothing for awhile, or if you get 2 or 3 thank you emails. It's a glitch and it happens! If anything it could be a good thing!

-You WILL get purple folder even if you have received an EMAIL. Everyone gets a purple folder!!!! Don't fret!!

-After being accepted and accepting your role(Paying the fee and choosing your arrival date), you will not be able to log into Roommate Matching until 12-25 hours after your accept. They have to put you in the system. As of now, roommate matching is currently down because they still have to add everyone in! I'll post updates on that.

-There is this cool nicknack game that also can be logged into 12-24 hours after you accept your role! It's called Mission Time Keeper and it's a really fun Disney History trivia game!!!! I enjoyed it. Again, you can't log in unless you've accepted 24 hours before!

-Don't apply for roles you know you won't want to do. This is a HUGE one. If they ask you if you are WILLING to do QSFB and you're not, say NO! I can't stress this enough. Don't say yes just because you are willing to do anything to go to Disney. If you hate your job, in the long run you will not enjoy your experience because MOST of it is working. I mean, try it out. If you are an open person about doing whatever, then fine! Try it out! But I'm just saying the majority of your time spent at Disney will be at your job and if it's somewhere you DON'T want to be, it's really not worth it.

- Most of the time, your recruiter is NOT your interviewer. On your acceptance LETTER, not email, you will have the name of your recruiter on the bottom of the letter.

-Once you're in, check out all the resources the College Program website has! You can log in and see a checklist of everything to do before check in! You can read some Eyes and Ears, the cast member newsletter, from past months too! Also, after you accept your arrival date, you will get an email sometime after that. If you want to re-check it, just log into the college program website and it should say your arrival/departure dates on the top right corner or the bottom left.

That's all really! Just wanted to put something of substance up here!! I'm looking for ideas for blogs and vlogs! If you guys have any let me know! :)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Because you know you want to.....

ANYTHING! Program questions, life questions, answers to things you've always wanted to know! :)

And now....I go finish my homework.

-Lauren <3

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acceptance of my role!

Hey guys! I just accepted my role and paid the fee! :) I will be OFFICIALLY arriving on August 9th!

My favorite part was surfing the website full of information afterwards! I went on every single page of that damn website about ten times and read every word! Including reading all the Eyes and Ears and watching that weird Housing video.

I think I'm most excited for Traditions.... and property control... def.
Haha Cori and I were talking about how we're going to be at property control A LOT.

Looking forward to it!!!!

So, the roommate situation is this. I'm rooming with Cori, and Molly F. wants to be in our apt too. So that means we need like...3 more roommates for Fall 2010, arriving 8/9! :)

My roommate survey should be on facebook! Just in cause anyone wants to check it out! :)

P.S: When I got to the name tag thing, it said to put your hometown, not school. Which I thought was weird. I'd rather have my hometown on it anyway, but still. Huh. Anyone else get that?

-Lauren <3

Purple Haze

Yep. My purple folder came today!!!!! I was beyond excited...other than the fact that my mailman curved the envelope in the damn mailbox and it got a little disheveled. But that's fine.

Anyway, I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile and realized I had about 35 followers! You guys are awesome!

So I'm finally going to accept my role tonight! This makes me really really really excited.

I want to address something here as well:

As of recently, there has been...unnecessary dumb "drama" of sorts going on. AKA people being real assholes(sorry for cursing but I think the situation deserves it). I think many people easily forget what we are doing this for. Disney World people!!!! To get to live and eat and sleep and breath in the MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH! I don't get how you can be rude to others when applying for a program that allows you to give superb customer service and make MAGIC for others? Doesn't that mean maybe you aren't right for this program? Or just along the way throughout this treacherous application process many have been really discouraged, as I was at one point(see birthday vlog), and decided to take that out on others. I have two words of advice to those who think it's acceptable to be mean and rude and "JOKE" in a horrible way to those you hardly know. Chill. Out. You're doing two things, hurting yourself and hurting your fellow applicants. Not exactly the Disney Way.

Anyway guys, just wanted to post that real quick and get it out there. There HAS been SO MUCH positive feedback to everyone as well, which is amazing! Maybe some don't handle pressure as well as others. And it's sad.

Congrats to everyone who got in this morning, including my friends Mike and Elyse, and Lyanne!!!! :)

Love you all! Have a magical day!(for real

P.S check out my new vlog!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Ask me some questions: Http://

and check out the collab vlog at

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Vlog! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can't Wait.

You guys. Here's a list of things I CAN'T WAIT to do in Disney. And I can say this with confidence now that I'm actually IN!

Go to Earl of Sandwich for lunch
Ride the Carousel of Progress as many times as I want.
Have a Dole Whip from the Polynesian.
And a Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Creme.
Ride all the Mountains in one day.
Go on things I've never been on: Toy Story Midway Mania, Big Thunder Railroad, The Scary Adventures of Snow White, Peter Pan's Flight, Expedition Everest.
Space Mountain with the lights on.
Going on the TTA all the time!
Hanging out with my D-Fam!! Hearttt
Jungle Cruise, ftw.
Rockin' Roller Coaster over and over again.
Watching the fireworks almost every night.
Going to the opening ceremony at Magic Kingdom, I've never been!
Buying things at property control and company d.
Seeing/being in the Ultilidors.
Eating at T-Rex, Sci-fi and Prime Time.
Doing Disney Quest.

I have more but my computer is dying!! New vlog soon hopefully!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hey guys!!!

I just got accepted(at 2:58am to be precise) as an Attractions Cast Member for the Fall 2010 CP!!!!! :DDDDD

Anndd that's it! I was getting discouraged a bit then I got the email when I woke up this morning! ;) Can't wait for my actual folder to come so I can make a vlog!

Bye guys! Congrats and good luck to everyone!!!
(especially Cori who better get in so I can have a roommate.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hew guys!

So John over at The Purple Folder blog started this new awesome blog that will help us all during our hopefully journey to getting that purple folder!

The College Program "Wait" Watchers is a new blog that's kind of like a "CP TV" as he calls it! There will be posts there of youtube videos, etc about the Disney Resorts that you can watch while waiting!

It's a really cool concept and all of you should follow the blog and facebook message John to get the login info and add videos YOU enjoy to the blog as well! I just posted some of my faves!

Sooo yeah, get on that people!!!!

Also, I just put up a new vlog!



Monday, January 25, 2010


Hey guys, so I just had my phone interview a few hours ago. It went pretty well, I feel good about it. My recruiter was Kathleen, and she was really nice. This is my fave part though:

While telling her about how I spoke to large groups of people:
Me: "When I have to help pages give tours at nbc I speak to large groups of 25-30 people about the studios we have in our building, etc."
Recruiter: "Oh! That sounds like our Great Movie Ride in Disney's Hollywood Studios!"
Me: "Haha! That's my favorite ride!"

Soooo that was awesome. And the part at the end where we exchanged stories about the Carousel of Progress. Ahh.

Just another 3 to 4 weeks of WAITING. >_>

Ah well. So relieved now though.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey guys!
So as you all know, applications went up yesterday.....EXCITING!

Of course, I was at work. >_> But I applied first thing when I got home! Along with eating a turkey, bacon and lettuce club sandwich.....Mmmmmm now i'm hungry.

Anywho, so here are the roles I chose!

Attractions: MY ABSOLUTE #1! Hopefully a high spieling role......but I'm not too picky.... and hopefully not animal kingdom.......lmao apparently I am picky.

Merchandise: Ehh. I do this now, so I really wouldn't want to REALLLLYYY do this, but idc. It would be cool to be in the Emporium or the little shops in DHS near the backlot tour. :)

Photopass Photographer: I've always been interested in photography and took a few classes, so I know what aperture and all that stuff is. I figured that would be fun.

Concierge: Seems nice. Sitting in an air conditioned hotel checking in guests. Not bad.

Vacation Planner: This is my #2. I sell tickets at NBC now so this is probably my #2 experience wise. Although an NBC tour ticket with one specific time is def less intense then the millions of options you have at Disney. I've been in and out of that disney reservations website trying to plan a vacation, I think I have it down packed.

Full Service Food And Beverage: Basically a hostess job, which I wouldn't mind. Seating guests, etc.

I made up my mind that if they ask me to do QSFB I'll say thanks, but no thanks. I couldn't work around greasy food all day. Candy is another story. And I feel like putting QSFB on your role checklist is just a reason for them to give it to you.

Ehh. We'll see.

My interview is MONDAY at 6:30pm! Which rocks because I have work from 8-2 and it gives me enough time to get home, relax a bit and get ready for this thing!!! I need to print out the role checklist, my printer is a dummy and doesn't have ink. I need to go to staples anyway so I'll make my mom pick it up. :)

Anyway, hope all of you the BEST of luck!
And to all of you that are already down there on your programs, hope you are having a BLAST, as it seems with all these blogs and videos!! :)


P.S: I'll probably make another vlog after my phone interview to show that process and things. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Monday, January 11, 2010


The post you've all been waiting for!

Not really...

I didn't finish the book yet, I have a midterm tomorrow and lots of fairy tales to read by then so I'm just posted a general observation right now.

I'm up to the 4th or 5th chapter, and I realized that although this book is given a negative connotation, especially by the mouse in a prison cell on the cover, it's not completely.

I mean, it is. But the fact is it's not representing the Disney College Program as a hole. There are snippets of quotes from alumni's expressing SOME bad or ODD experiences whilst they were in the program. Or just short stories of things that went wrong, or were strange occurrences. Things/events that have happened to, probably 2% of the people who've done the program.

And I can see where he's coming from. Some people who don't appreciate Disney for what it is will come into the program with this mindset. Why they're doing the program at all baffles me, but it happens.

It's just another way of looking at it....and very PESSIMISTIC way, but another way.

Again, the stories from this book are most likely from a small percentage of the same people telling their horror stories, which probably don't happen to 90% of participants.

That's my 2 cents for now. More later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


New Layout!!!!!!! What do you think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



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