Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Hey guys. So I've got a huge break in classes and I decided to write a blog about College Program related stuff!!

I know you've probably already gotten a lot of this info from other blogs, but here it is again!

So i'm going to talk about the application/acceptance process again, because it seems like a lot of people have questions about this.

You apply, you have your phone interview. Bam, done. Then eventually you WILL get a thank you for interviewing email. It says you should receive a response 4-6 weeks after your INTERVIEW. Not after the thank you email!

Some other things:

-Recently the system has been messing up, I'm guessing because this is the first year everyone is hearing by email first, then purple folder. So don't be discouraged if you hear nothing for awhile, or if you get 2 or 3 thank you emails. It's a glitch and it happens! If anything it could be a good thing!

-You WILL get purple folder even if you have received an EMAIL. Everyone gets a purple folder!!!! Don't fret!!

-After being accepted and accepting your role(Paying the fee and choosing your arrival date), you will not be able to log into Roommate Matching until 12-25 hours after your accept. They have to put you in the system. As of now, roommate matching is currently down because they still have to add everyone in! I'll post updates on that.

-There is this cool nicknack game that also can be logged into 12-24 hours after you accept your role! It's called Mission Time Keeper and it's a really fun Disney History trivia game!!!! I enjoyed it. Again, you can't log in unless you've accepted 24 hours before!

-Don't apply for roles you know you won't want to do. This is a HUGE one. If they ask you if you are WILLING to do QSFB and you're not, say NO! I can't stress this enough. Don't say yes just because you are willing to do anything to go to Disney. If you hate your job, in the long run you will not enjoy your experience because MOST of it is working. I mean, try it out. If you are an open person about doing whatever, then fine! Try it out! But I'm just saying the majority of your time spent at Disney will be at your job and if it's somewhere you DON'T want to be, it's really not worth it.

- Most of the time, your recruiter is NOT your interviewer. On your acceptance LETTER, not email, you will have the name of your recruiter on the bottom of the letter.

-Once you're in, check out all the resources the College Program website has! You can log in and see a checklist of everything to do before check in! You can read some Eyes and Ears, the cast member newsletter, from past months too! Also, after you accept your arrival date, you will get an email sometime after that. If you want to re-check it, just log into the college program website and it should say your arrival/departure dates on the top right corner or the bottom left.

That's all really! Just wanted to put something of substance up here!! I'm looking for ideas for blogs and vlogs! If you guys have any let me know! :)



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