Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acceptance of my role!

Hey guys! I just accepted my role and paid the fee! :) I will be OFFICIALLY arriving on August 9th!

My favorite part was surfing the website full of information afterwards! I went on every single page of that damn website about ten times and read every word! Including reading all the Eyes and Ears and watching that weird Housing video.

I think I'm most excited for Traditions.... and property control... def.
Haha Cori and I were talking about how we're going to be at property control A LOT.

Looking forward to it!!!!

So, the roommate situation is this. I'm rooming with Cori, and Molly F. wants to be in our apt too. So that means we need like...3 more roommates for Fall 2010, arriving 8/9! :)

My roommate survey should be on facebook! Just in cause anyone wants to check it out! :)

P.S: When I got to the name tag thing, it said to put your hometown, not school. Which I thought was weird. I'd rather have my hometown on it anyway, but still. Huh. Anyone else get that?

-Lauren <3


Anna said...

It asked me for my hometown, too!

Lyanne M. said...

1- Love the new layout
2- I can't wait to accept my role so I can see the entire website!!!
3- I hope the fix the name tag thing because I think I prefer putting my school.
4- Hi! :D

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