Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Short blog about the past few days.

Hey guys! So this is going to be short, but my roommate, Cori, will be doing a more extensive overview of the past few days(check-in, move-in, casting, etc) on her blog HERE! So watch out for that, it's gonna be a LOT better than mine....and have photos...

I will be posting a video soon, just a mash up of these few days. Nothing really 'vlog' like until after traditions probably. Then I'll do an apartment tour and such. I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday OFF, so i'll have time hahaha. In between going to the parks of course!

Anywho, Cori and I moved in with our two roommates, Katharine and Sara, yesterday! Two bedroom apartment in Chatham Square! We're happy with it! We unpacked everything yesterday, and went over to Walmart, then to Publix today for food. Probably going back to Walmart sometime today for some more things.
Everything went really smoothly yesterday, got to check-in at like 7:15. Apparently people got there at like 6am this season..... ridiculous. But we got through fast, got our apartment and keys ad such and got right on the bus to casting from there. Casting didn't take as long as we thought it would! I found out I will be in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Icon Attractions! I have my park orientation on Thursday, but I don't start training until next week for whatever attraction I'm on. (I actually know already thanks to a friend of mine who works in HS, but I won't tell you guys yet ;))

So we've just been chilling around here and getting stuff for our place.

OH! And I signed up for the Disney Heritage Exploration Series class! It starts in October and goes till December, one day a week for two hours. So it doesn't seem too bad, and it definitely looks interesting!

Trying to think if there is anything else to tell you guys..... don't think so!

So look for a vlog soon! :)



Jillian said...

I was one of those crazy kids in line by 6:30! lol!

Love your blog, Lauren!!

MaryanneB said...

I'm taking Disney Heritage too! :D

Ian said...

Apartment tour is a nice thing to do! Same here, I will be doing an “NYC vacation apartments” search. I need a room that can provide me a daily walk to my new summer training program. I’ll be teaching kids in NYC. Vacation apartment rentals are best suited for me because I’ll be teaching for only two months and I don’t need too much of a room. I’m on a budget and that’s why I grabbed a summer job, because I am saving for something!

Cute blog here. I had a nice read!

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