Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey guys!
So as you all know, applications went up yesterday.....EXCITING!

Of course, I was at work. >_> But I applied first thing when I got home! Along with eating a turkey, bacon and lettuce club sandwich.....Mmmmmm now i'm hungry.

Anywho, so here are the roles I chose!

Attractions: MY ABSOLUTE #1! Hopefully a high spieling role......but I'm not too picky.... and hopefully not animal kingdom.......lmao apparently I am picky.

Merchandise: Ehh. I do this now, so I really wouldn't want to REALLLLYYY do this, but idc. It would be cool to be in the Emporium or the little shops in DHS near the backlot tour. :)

Photopass Photographer: I've always been interested in photography and took a few classes, so I know what aperture and all that stuff is. I figured that would be fun.

Concierge: Seems nice. Sitting in an air conditioned hotel checking in guests. Not bad.

Vacation Planner: This is my #2. I sell tickets at NBC now so this is probably my #2 experience wise. Although an NBC tour ticket with one specific time is def less intense then the millions of options you have at Disney. I've been in and out of that disney reservations website trying to plan a vacation, I think I have it down packed.

Full Service Food And Beverage: Basically a hostess job, which I wouldn't mind. Seating guests, etc.

I made up my mind that if they ask me to do QSFB I'll say thanks, but no thanks. I couldn't work around greasy food all day. Candy is another story. And I feel like putting QSFB on your role checklist is just a reason for them to give it to you.

Ehh. We'll see.

My interview is MONDAY at 6:30pm! Which rocks because I have work from 8-2 and it gives me enough time to get home, relax a bit and get ready for this thing!!! I need to print out the role checklist, my printer is a dummy and doesn't have ink. I need to go to staples anyway so I'll make my mom pick it up. :)

Anyway, hope all of you the BEST of luck!
And to all of you that are already down there on your programs, hope you are having a BLAST, as it seems with all these blogs and videos!! :)


P.S: I'll probably make another vlog after my phone interview to show that process and things. :)


Kristin said...

woooo vlog! post another vlog!

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