Thursday, April 8, 2010

123 Days!

So, I know I said I would be vlogging during spring break...but I went on an impromptu trip to Boston for two days and was working the rest! I have off on Tuesdays now, so NEXT TUESDAY I'M GOING TO VLOG. I PROMISE. If I don't, you guys really mean?

No don't be mean. :( Figure something out. Maybe a punishment a la John Henselmeier.

Anywhom, Disney related things! I joined the Disney Pen Pals group which is a cute idea stared by Julie and Becky! <3 Here's the link to the fb group: DCP Pen Pals!

Check it out! The deadline has passed, buttttt i'm a fool and joined after that.

There are about a million new groups brewing everyday for the DCP 2010....I think i've joined 80% of them based on invite. Uh, do a facebook search and find them too!

Oh, I don't think I posted this here yet....

I got an internship at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the summer!!!!!! :D

So basically I'll be there from May to the beginning of August, then Disney!

Plus working, and taking a class or 2, I'm going to be a busy bee this summer...and spending a majority of my time in 30 Rock. Ah well. This was my dream!

Okay guys, I'm in class and probably should be taking notes...... I'm starvin' marvin' cause the damn cafeteria line was WAY too long and I couldn't be late for class. Ah well, i'll get breakfast after.

Bye everyone!

Btw, I don't think many people know I have a formspring: check it!

-Lauren <3


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