Saturday, February 9, 2013

the awk moment when you are disappointed with how your second program feels so far.

i miss my old roommates.
a lot.

the people I've met at work so far are awesome though. But only one of them is working at my park.

idk man it just feels weird. :/


Julie Bettinardi said...

Hey Lauren!

I just watched your Vlog about the vacation planner position and read through your blogs. I also did the cp before and just applied for round 2. I have my phone interview on Monday. I really want to be a vacation planner this time around but it doesn't seem like there are a whole lot of CPs who do that. Then again my first CP I worked at Cirque and I know not alot of ppl get to do that one either. Well anyhow I was wondering if you like being a vacation planner? I think I get the jist of what it is all about but Idk you seem kinda bummed about your second program.. I am scared to feel that way too because you have so many expectations going in. Anyhow..sorry for the rambling lol Leave me any thoughts. Or you can email me.

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