Tuesday, December 8, 2009

life update!

Hiya guys!

Just thought I'd update you guys on some stuff! This semester is almost over, yayy! Which means Christmas is almost here, and New Years! And... my winter class X_X.

I have orientation for my spring semester internship at The Tyra Banks show on the 29th, that should be cool. I'll probably start that at the end/mid January right after my class ends.
Registration for Spring Semester is tomorrow, I hope I get all the classes I want, orrrr I'm gonna be pissed. I have work at 1 and reg is at 12, so I need to go to work early and bring my computer or I wont have time to get to work. Then just chill at work for an hour before clocking in.

Ah well.

Anyway, if you're reading this you should check out the Fall 2010 WDWCP chat!

:) Currently chatting right now!

Also, December 17th is Youtube's Project For Awesome (check it out here)! I will be vlogging for it and a bunch of us Disney CP Vloggers, along with John Henselmeier, I know you all know who that is ;]) will be doing a collab vid! It's a really amazing cause and all of you should either participate or rate and comment videos on the 17th to support!!

Kay well I'm gonna go back to chattin' it up!
Again, check out my Vlog: Youtube.com/LaurenWDWCP
and my Twitter: Twitter.com/c0pperboom

Also, feel free to add me on Facebook! Just add a message with the add that you're a Disney CP person! ;)

Biya! <33


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