Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new vlogs, christmas, applications approaching, chat!

Hey guys! Sooo I've been neglecting this blog and I apologize!

Here's an update:

Christmas was awesome(I feel like I use that word too much...oh well!). Check my vlog: youtube.com/laurenwdwcp for christmas vlogs and related activities! :)
Mainly, I got a new flip mino hd camcorder, so my vlogs will now be in HD! They also take much longer to upload and process....darnit.

Applications come out very very very soon!!!!!!! Hopefully....we don't actually KNOW the date, but we're assuming somewhere in the realm of January 20th ish.

By we, i mean the OTHER FALL 2010 HOPEFULS! Check out the chat room:
http://chat.aim.com/chats/a-place-to-start/wdw-cp-fall-2010- and come say hi! Recently there's always been someone in there, which is awesome. Also, join the facebook group! Just search Walt Disney World College Program Fall 2010.

Just finished reading Mouse Tales 2, I basically abandoned my other books for it lolz. Great though, Koenig books never fail me. I'm gonna finish Mousecatraz next, then Disney War(cause it's the longest!)

Once applications are up there will be more things to blog about(hopefully!).



Kim Berry said...

Hey Lauren! Thanks for visiting my blog! =D

Isn't it so exciting waiting for apps to go up?? It nearly killed me last summer!

Awesome blog!
& don't worry - I use awesome all the time too!

Have a magical day!

<3 Kim

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