Friday, October 9, 2009

1am Ramblings.

Hello anyone who is reading this! Who knows if anyone is, but I can hope, right? Anywho, maybe I should make a Livejournal..... too late!

So it's 1:30 am here in NYC, which means I should be asleep. But instead I'm making blog entries and vlogs and things of this nature. Especially because I have work at 11am! Oh well!

So I guess I'll talk about my love for Disney, where it came from and how it evolved when I got older. I was always a Disney kid. My uncle would buy me every new VHS tape that came out(I have the collection somewhere in my basement that should be dug out soon..). My all time favorite movie was ALWAYS The Little Mermaid. I used to watch it 4 or 5 times a day while reciting every single line of the movie! (I also ended up bringing my special edition DVD to college with me...heehee) As I got older, the fascination faded but didn't leave completely. I always LONGED to go to Disney World, but my family never really had the financial means to do so. I used to watch one of the Sing-A-Long tapes about Disney Land over and over again. I finally went the summer of my Jr. High School graduation and it was one of the best vacations of my life! I couldn't wait to go back. My favorite ride, as I've mentioned, is a toss between The Great Movie Ride and The Carousel of Progress(which I made my whole family ride twice, despite their groans. I just love it!). I went again the following summer, but I haven't been able to go back since then. It's been about 4 or 5 years. I'm planning a trip this summer to hit the new Harry Potter theme park in Universal(I'm a HP freak, so this I'm SO INCREDIBLY PSYCHED about!!!) And if all works out well, that will be right before I start my Fall 2010 College Program!

Anyway, I've been researching this program for MONTHS, finding everything I could about it. One thing about me, I'm a crazy researcher. If something is there to be found, I can find it. One thing I lovelovelove about Disney is it's intense history. I watch any kind of Walt Disney or Disney World/Land documentary I can get my hands on(That includes hours in front of the TV on the Travel Channel and on YouTube). I just ordered one of my first Disney secrets books, Mouse Tails by David Koenig! It was shipped today and I better get it by Monday.....I'll check out B&N tomorrow after work to see if they have any of the other ones I'm looking for. If you guys have any suggestions I will GLADLY take them!!!!

What elseeeeee. Work maybe? I currently work at the NBC Experience Store in Rockefeller Center. It's a pretty cool job. Really, it's retail, but there are some pretty amazing perks that come with it. I do love NBC, and would love to work there eventually. I am a film and media major, and want to work in television production. I've done internships at the Maury Show, Rachael Ray and next semester will be at The Tyra Banks show.

I think a big part of me wanting to do the college program is getting out of NYC for a bit. I was born and raised here, but it gets so hectic and crazy sometimes you just NEED to get away for awhile. I was planning on going to college out of state, but I ended up going to Pace University my first year and dorming IN manhattan, which was really fun for awhile. Then it got too expensive so I transferred out and now I go Hunter College. A lot cheaper, same education really. I'm back at home in Brooklyn now though, so the commute is longer(about an hour both ways). I look at it this way, since I don't drive I'll already know what I'm getting into with the CP busses! Haha!

Speaking of that stuff, if I do get into the CP I really want to live at Chatham. I've seen many tour videos and it looks like a really nice complex. I get the ease of living a Vista, but I'm not a party person and I don't think I'd fit in there as well as I would a Chatham. Just a personal preference. :)

Anyway, it's almost 2am so I should REALLY get to bed haha! Maybe I'll make another vlog next week, but check out the one I just posted below!

Goodnight guys!

-Lauren <3


Abigail Nora said...

Hey it's Abby! I LOVE your background - where did you find it?

I appreciate the Little Mermaid love... Ariel's my homegirl lol. Though I must admit when I was little Ursula scared me way too much and I couldn't watch it...

& I definitely brought The Lion King with me to college. It's my favorite movie. Of all time. Ever. :)

ALSO I HAVE THE AUDIO FOR THE DISNEYLAND SING ALONG ON MY ITUNES!!! OMG! Also also I have like over 3 gigs of Disney music but that's beside the point!

I love HP too! I hugged Rupert Grint once actually. nbd. Haha.

As far as Disney Books go, check out "Mousejunkies" by Bill Burke and "The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World." Forget the author of that second one unfortuantely. Koenig's great. Oh, and any of the "Imagineering Field Guide To _______" books as well.

Chatham is kind of my "favorite complex" right now too.

Anyway. After that super long comment... haha. I will see you around blogger/the disboards/youtube! (I'm QueenofPrideRock on the DisBoards. I post a little but am mainly a lurker at the moment I guess.)

Lauren said...

Omg. I was kind of really nuts over Rupert Grint at one point...... So. Lucky.
I'll check those books out! Thanks!

I googled "blogger layouts" and a website came up with this layout! You just need to copy/paste the html into some box and POOF, this!

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