Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey guys! So I bought a new Disney book yesterday, Realityland: True-Life Adventures at Walt Disney World by David Koenig(I seriously want to meet this guy). I love it!

I'm only on page 59, but basically it starts explaining the beginnings of WDW and EPCOT. Before and after Walt's death. Planning, buying land, legislative changes, etc. It will probably go into the parks themselves in a few more chapters. Because this book is only available in hardcover, it's a but pricey(It was $27 but I'm a B&N member so it took about $5 off), but it's totally worth it. I've seen it online for about $18 on Amazon and I TOTALLY suggest picking it up. Especially as a current/past/future CPer.

One question I have for you guys, where can I pick up/order Mousecatraz?? There has to be a site, that I think I found awhile ago but lost, to order it. I know it's basically complete BS, but for interest reasons I want to check it out. Sooooo if someone could post a link I'd be forever grateful! :)

Preferably, I'd like to get a cheap used copy...lmfao.

Wasn't feeling well this morning so I called out of work. :( A wave of nausea hit me. It's gone now though, and I should really start on my History paper.

Talk to you all later!

-Lauren <3


Abigail Nora said...

Mousecatraz is available on Amazon! I'm having issues pasting the link but nbd... just seatch Mousecatraz.

Crissa said...

here's the link if you still need it :)

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