Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten things about me!

So, I was checking out some blogs tonight and saw one person did a ten things about me entry....so I'm shamelessly copying that person and doing one as well. :)

1. I Love Television: I am a media major an
d plan on WORKING in TV one day, so this is
a given. My all time FAVORITE TV show is Gilmore Girls... but I'm definitely a reality show junkie. I'm hooked on The Office, Heroes, Big Brother, Flash Forward, and there are a bunch more. This says it all:

2. I Buy More Books Than I Have Time To Read In My Lifetime: This is too true. I've got a large bookcase full plus my desk.....I haven't read half of them. Ah well.

3. I Stay Up Late For No Reason: Even if I have work or school sadistically early the next day. It's a lost art, in my opinion.

4. If I Wasn't A Chicken, I'd Probably Be An Actress: Don't get me wrong, I've taken my share of acting/improv classes. And I'm not horrible! But it's not my kind of business. I'd rather sit at a computer editing some video for hours. Ya know.

5. I'm Single: And not-so-lovin' it. Although,
this kind of thing is probably why..........Naw!

6. If I Could Marry Any Actor In The World, It Would Be Milo Ventimiglia: Cause I'm just a freak like that. And he's freaking awesome. I don't think I can count on one hand the amount of times I've met him and trust me, he's freaking awesome.

7. I Hate Fish, Coconuts, Onions, Tomatoes and Peppers: Just a random note. Not a fan.

8. I've Got An Icebox Where My Hands Used To Be: My hands are usually, always cold. Not usually, always a good thing........

9. I Buy Too Many Clothes, And Thus Do Not Have Proportionate Drawer/Closet Space For All Of Them: Damnit. :(

10. My Paycheck Is Usually Gone A Day Or Two After I Receive It: Story of my life.


Cori said...

Glad to find someone else with a love of The Office AND Heroes. And you've met Milo Ventimiglia more than a handful of times?! Lucky girl.
And #10 is definitely too true :-/

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