Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hiya, my friends!

So I'm going to talk about some of the people I've convinced to do the WDWCP with me next Fall! ;D

First, my friend Allyson. I've known Allyson since the 7th grade, which is almost 9 years now I believe. Damn, time flies. Anyway, we really wanted to do the program last year, but as I've said it didn't work out. So when I approached her about a month ago with applying this year, she was totally in. So we're both excited. Allyson is probably a bigger Disney lover than me, mostly because she's been there wayyy more times than I have. We are going to meet next week and I will probably have her do a vlog with me! :)

Secondly, my friend Cynthia(or Vazquez, Vaz for short, because my best friends name is Cynthia too, so I call her Vazquez to end confusion). I met Vaz at my current job, The NBC Store, last year. We were hired together but never really spoke much until a few months ago. We realized we were a lot alike, so we became friends real fast. I told her about the program and she loves Disney as well so she was in easy! She is graduating NYU this May, but as long as you apply for the cp while you're in school, you can do the program even though you'll have already graduated when you're in Disney. Made sure that was possible first before telling her and getting her excited about it! :X

So that's my story. I have a few other friends who are interested as well, but this is the core group that is definitely applying! If we do get in, we will mostly likely live in the same apt(hopefully they will be as excited for Chatham as I am! Or Patterson.... Allyson drives and I will probably get my license this summer. That's the only thing I was worried about if I lived at Patterson, the lack of busses. But with cars then it's fine!). I wanted to do a 2 bedroom, but a 3 bedroom might be more fun.

When the app date gets closer we should all do some serious chats! :) So we can all get to know each other, etc. I also love how some of you are on the youtube bandwagon already as well! :DD Amazing!

I just got a desk in my room, which I LOVE, so doing vlogs will be a lot easier and cooler! There won't be a blank wall background but my cool posters! :))

Ok well I think I'll go do some school stuff! Talk to you guys later!




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