Monday, October 12, 2009


So I went to B&N today and picked up this book: I hate that in photobooth it doesn't flip the damn photo!

Oh well, it's The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Susan Veness! Abby, another Fall 2010 hopeful(unless she does amazing at her audition coming up!!!! Yayyy! Hope you do!!!) recommended it! It's pretty good so far!

My Koenig book should come tomorrow(I forgot today was a holiday :( )! I should be finished with this one by then. Yes, I am doing some major highlighting. I plan on grabbing a Hidden Mickey WDW book too so when we get down there we can do the WHOLE thing! :DDDD Loves it.

Okay day today. Got three hours of sleep last night, so I'm heading in early now!

Goodnight all! <3


Cori said...

haha i forgot that it was a holiday too!
but anyway, with the photobooth thing, if you look under edit, there *should* be a thing that says auto flip new photos.
side note: 98 days :)

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